A Closer Look at a Sexual Health Clinic London

A Closer Look at a Sexual Health Clinic London

Considering the clinic

Sexual Health is a joint concern

Sexual health clinic London offer a wide range of services that help to enhance your sexual health. Also known as genitourinary medicine clinic, this is where you go when you are facing problems in your sexual health. Let’s take a look at some of the services which are offered at one.


Services offered in a sexual health clinic


The testing as well as treatment of sexually transmitted infections is always offered. This is to ensure that you are in a better position to keep yourself healthy and protect yourself against STIs. If you are infected already, you will be treated at the clinic and you will receive counselling on how to lead a healthy sexual life.

Experts and healthcare professionals at a good clinic are well trained and they understand all about sexual health. They offer quality advice on how to lead a healthy sexual life.


These clinics also offer free contraceptives. Research shows that many people who get infected with STIs lead a reckless life. They do not use protection. There are also people who cannot purchase condoms in the market because they find it embarrassing. At the clinic, experts will talk to you on the importance of protecting yourself. You will be given free condoms as well as contraceptives including emergency contraceptive just in case you engage in unprotected sex and you wish to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.


The clinic also offers advice about abortion. Research shows that many young girls settle for abortion yet they do not have a better understanding of what the whole process entails. At the clinic, you will be advised accordingly.

Health professionals at the clinic also offer counselling services to persons who have been sexually assaulted.

Can you use a sexual health clinic London?


* Anybody can visit a sexual health clinic irrespective of age and gender. Counselings services at the clinic are held in sessions for specific groups including lesbians, gays, teens and older adults. There are clinics that require you to make an appointment before you visit but a large number do not require an appointment.


* You can also visit a sexual health clinic London if you suspect an STI. The clinic offers testing for gonorrhoea, syphilis, genital herpes and other STIs. The tests may include giving a urine sample, blood sample, examination of the anus, mouth, skin and genitals, a swab from the urethra, swap from your rectum and a swab from the vagina and cervix for women.


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